Ambling Tours are Different


One-of-a-Kind Tours for Creative and Curious People

From the moment you attend the opening night cocktail reception you will immediately know that Ambling Tours are different.

We travel with small groups, include interviews with experts, offer special guided tours, and more.

Unique Itineraries

We travel to out of the way jewels and famous landmarks, but done very differently.

A Chance for Creative Travelers to Hone Their Skills

We build our tours with classes, lectures, workshops, and the opportunity to create new work in the world’s most beautiful locations, and share that work with fellow travelers.

Our trips include:

  • Delightful out of the way destinations the other tours miss,
  • Private tours of castles and museums, often led by Lairds and Chiefs and Historians,
  • Lectures and classes by local experts,
  • Opportunities for tour group members to hone their creative craft, both in groups and on your own,
  • Cocktail receptions,
  • Dinners especially organized just for the tour group members.

Our groups are:

  • Small to give tour group members a chance to get to know each other,
  • Filled with creative travelers serious about discovering the people, history and flavor of the places we visit.

Our tour leaders are:

  • Seasoned travelers
  • Who delight in sharing hidden treasures as well as unknown facets of well-known landmarks that other tour companies bypass in favor of “shopping opportunities.”

There are no:

  • Exhausting day-long bus rides
  • With only 20 minutes at the sites you really want to see,
  • Only to be “dropped off” at a place where your only option is to shop.

Our tours are:

  • All about experiencing.
  • And for those who do enjoy shopping – or just relaxing at the pub – ample free time is built into every schedule for personal exploration.